Version 2.1.9 Released

Another minor release today containing some bug fixes and some useability improvements. Changes made include:

  • Fixed up the tab order and text box sizes on the first login screen.
  • Added an adjustment to the employee starting balance for sick time and vacation accruals. This allows you to set each employee with their own starting balance. This new setting is cumulative with the accrual scheme starting balance.
  • The edit times time period selections were not quite working correctly. This has now been fixed up.
  • A new status message is displayed on the note entry screen to tell employees if they actually have to enter a note.
  • Fix to an error that occurred occasionally when selecting an employee from the employee list.
  • When editing a time on the edit times screen the matching times details are also shown. Ideally it would have been nice to be able to edit both on one screen but given that time notes are per time and not per pair this didn’t really make sense.

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