Version 2.1.5 Released

A new release today containing some improvements to the new error reporting started in version 2.1.4. The release also contains some fixes and improvements to reports and some other minor changes.

  • If an error is raised on the keypad interface (such as a note being invalid, or an invalid clock in/out) then the employee badge number is cleared from the text box.
  • The new error text message is now cleared when a new employee is selected or a new badge number is entered.
  • The warning messages on the time note entry screen (zero length note or note equal to badge number) are now displayed in the new error status area.
  • All report periods are now selected on rounded times rather than absolute times. Previously this was not the case, so while payment amounts were correct sometimes activity could be missing from a report.
  • Accruals in the accrual section on reports are now to the end date of the report rather than the run date of the report.
  • <SICK_TIME_OWING_PERIOD> and <VACATION_OWING_PERIOD> added to the accrual report section.
  • Fix to report configuration screen where the hide employee summary section check box was not re-enabled after the payroll summary report was selected.
  • Removed employee summary section entirely from the simple wages report (didn’t make sense having it there anyway).
  • Enlarged the section field selection box on the report settings screen.

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