Version 1.6.8 Released

Time Clock MTS Version 1.6.8 was released yesterday containing a few fixes and some performance updates.

  1. The software now functions correctly with limited user accounts on Windows XP and Windows Vista. This was possible before but some directory permissions had to be set manually, the software installer now does this automatically.
  2. The Client software would not register itself properly when the trial period had expired. Again this could be worked around with some effort but now should just happen automatically.
  3. The method used to access internet time servers has changed. Some people were reporting that Time Clock MTS wouldn’t connect to the servers properly so the changes were made in and attempt to fix this up. I should emphasize that for the best level of security for your Time Clock Software that you should use the Internet Time Server option for determining clock in and out times.
  4. Some users were experiencing a slowdown when the employee list had more than 50 employees in it. Some time was spent speeding this up, you should see about a 30% speed increase (this same speed increase will be seen in other areas of the software that display the full employee list).

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