Time Clock MTS Version 6.1.5 Released

Today sees the release of Version 6.1.5 of our time clock software. This version has a number of performance improvements as we continually seek to provide a better experience when using Time Clock MTS with a remote database server like MySQL or SQL Server. Here’s a detailed list of the changes:

  • Code for filling the employee list has been greatly improved. Key changes are selection of employee status information via a single query and removal of queries that were selecting non vital data.
  • Just two queries are used to generate the Employee Status Report, formerly a query per employee was required.
  • Checking of compliance with license conditions has been greatly streamlined by combination of database queries into one grouped query.
  • Checking for a live connection to the time clock data file is now only carried out every 10 seconds rather than with each and every new attempt to pull data from the data file.
  • Removed a pointless check for duplicate time punch check when punching in or out.
  • All parameterized queries have been removed when using a MySQL back-end with the Network PLUS Edition of Time Clock MTS.
  • The View Release Notes button on the Check for Updates screen now displays the Release Notes page from the timeclockmts.com website.
  • The warning about the Stand Alone Edition running on more than one computer now includes a link to a blog article that explains how to solve the issue.
  • Two new time punch formats added to Event Based Data Export formats, HHNNSS and HHNNSS AMPM.
  • Reminding of new users about Employee PINs is now done with a properly styled form with a link to the explanatory video on our website.
  • The first administrator login prompt is now done via a properly styled window.
  • Whenever the software tries to access our website it correctly tries to access the HTTPS version of the website rather than the old non-secure address.
  • Fixed a problem with the crosstab query when loading a group of time punches and there was more than one time note recorded against a single time punch.
  • Fixed a problem with the display of status icons on the Edit Times screen and the Dept. Folders on Employee List setting was switched on.

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