Time Clock MTS Version 6.0.8 Released

Time Clock MTS Version 6.0.8 has been released. Details of the changes made in this version can be found below.

  • Added a new way of using a bar code scanner, magnetic card reader, or proximity card reader to punch employees in or out. That makes three distinct ways of doing so. This new method only works on the Employee List Interface. Employees have a new “Unique ID” setting available which can be populated with some sort of unique identifier such as a scan from an ID card or perhaps from pre-programmed proximity fobs. Turn on a new setting on the Interface Settings screen called “Match Employee Unique ID” and when you scan an employee’s unique ID they will be matched and then punched in or out. A blog post detailing this method will be posted at a later date.
  • Employees can no longer see de-activated employees on the employee list when checking their own time card details.
  • Pressing N on the main screen no longer pops up the Internet time server debug screen. ALT-N is required now.

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