Time Clock MTS Version 6.0.4 Released

As I write this version 6.0.4 of Time Clock MTS is uploading. This release addresses a fairly common request we’ve had since version 6 was released, namely an option to remove color from the reports. It also aims to solve several database performance issues that should improve the speed of the software considerably over thin connections to remote data files. Here are the details of the changes made to this version:


  • Changes have been made to the database access procedures for calculation of payroll and many of the reports to reduce the number of times the software has to access the data file. Should reduce queries by a factor of 5 or more in some cases.
  • “Black and White Reports” setting added to the Tools->Options->Report Settings screen. When set all reports will be displayed and printed in black and white.
  • The Always Pay Salary setting has been removed. It was serving no real purpose as a salaried employee who gets a pro-rated salary based on the number of their hours worked is just an hourly employee.
  • Fixed up some formatting problems with the Simple Attendance Report.
  • Fixed up the Missing Punches report when there were no missing punches.
  • Fixed up various SQL issues with newer versions of the MySQL ODBC drivers.
  • Spent some time working on the Shift and Department objects to stop them querying the data file needlessly.
  • The Employee object now only queries the data file to get the next available employee ID when a new employee is being created.

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