Version 5.0.5 of Time Clock MTS Released

Despite me saying that version 5.0.4 would be the last bug fix release for a while we’ve decided to issue another minor release that addresses some rather serious issues with the system for getting the time from internet time servers. It appears that a Windows update sometime in the last few months broke something and we’ve had to come up with a fix for it in a hurry. Version 5.0.5 contains that fix plus some other things we’ve been working on in the background. Here’s details of the changes made in this new release:

  • A fix to the ‘reset forgotten password’ functionality for users of the free version, those who are in the 30 day trial period, or those who have purchased and are still waiting for their permanent registration codes.
  • Complete re-work of the code that selects the last employee time punch. This significantly reduces the number of database accesses during this process and should speed up performance for users with large databases.
  • Made a change to the MySQL database creation script to include some new indexes on the time table. These indexes have improved the employee list refresh speed for MySQL users by about 1000% percent.
  • Re-factored some code that handles employee time punches to increase performance and reliability.
  • Small changes made to the licensing system to account for recent Windows environmental variable changes.
  • Fixed up an issue with importing jobs with a job code longer than five digits.
  • Fixed for checking time from internet time server when computer had been running a long time (30 days plus).
  • Fix to startup process that gets the time from an internet time server. This was broken sometime in the last few months by a Windows update.

I strongly advise that ALL users of version 5 of Time Clock MTS upgrade to this release and have the software running seamlessly again.

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