Time Clock MTS Version 5.0.9 Released

A new release of Time Clock MTS today, taking us to version 5.0.9. Here’s a complete list of the changes made:

  • Added some new functionality to the search box on the Employee List screen. If you type a full employee name followed by a ‘+’ character then that employee will be punched in or out. Additionally if you prefix the employee’s name with an ‘=’ then the search box will immediately grab the focus. This new functionality allows the employee list screen to be used with barcode or magnetic card readers with badges of the form ‘=Employee Name+’.
  • ALT-A shortcut added to bring up administrator login screen or to log the administrator out.
  • Internet time server lock now can affect the keypad screen.
  • Optimized the search box to stop needless database access.
  • Fixed the export reports to CSV or TAB formats.
  • Fixed up a multiple time punch error when holding down the ENTER key on the keypad screen.
  • Put some extra interlocks in place to stop users seeing an internet time server lock when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed a typo on the Edit Times screen.
  • The ‘View My Information’ button now displays the correct customized label when logged in as the administrator.
  • Logging put in place for main timer loop crash seen on one computer.
  • Fix for accruals where manual start date is set prior to the calculated start date.

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