How Do I Move the Software to a New Computer?

I thought I’d continue with the Time Clock MTS Q&A format of the last few posts on our blog. Today we have a question from Martha Buhman who is a long time user of the software.

hi, i have time clock installed on one of my computers and i want to use it on a new one – how can i do that? thanks! i have used this for a number of years and i LOVE it — it has saved me so much time keeping track of projects

This is certainly the most common support question we get and because of that we’ve got an entire how-to article dedicated to answering it. Key points the article covers include downloading and installing Time Clock MTS on your new computer, moving your data file across to the new PC, and then registering the software with your registration keys. If your registration keys do not work on the newly installed computer then you’re going to want to read this blog article covering what to do when your keys don’t work in the latest version of the software.

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