Employees Printing their Own Timesheets

Employees can view their own information and print their own timesheet.

Employees can view their own information and print their own timesheet.

If you’ve ever uninstalled Time Clock MTS then you would have noticed that a web based survey pops up in your browser window asking you why you’re uninstalling the software. This is a valuable tool for you to tell us about bugs in the software that we are not aware of or to work out if there’s an annoying aspect to the software that a lot of people are bothered by. We’ve found the results of these surveys extremely useful but from time to time we get an uninstall survey response that tells us that a particular user decided not to purchase the software because they believe the software doesn’t do something it actually does. Most of the time when I get one of these responses I’ll pop up a blog entry covering the topic. Today the following feedback came in from an uninstall survey:

wish the employee could print out their timesheets without being log in as admin because as admin you can change time which I do not like….this is the reason I uninstalled and did not buy

Of course you can configure the software to allow employees to print their own timesheets without having them log in as the administrator and here’s how to do it:

There it is, two simple steps. Your employees will now be able to view their own timecards and then print those timecards to a printer or export them to Excel. Of course if you’ve enabled employee PIN’s or Passwords then your employees will need to enter their PIN before they can view their timecard.

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