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January 22, 2011

Time Clock MTS Version 3.0.9 Released

By Mark Nemtsas at 8:04 PM

I've just released a new version of the software fixing up a couple of errors that a helpful user identified for me today. The first, fixes up a hard crash seen on the Time Breakdown Report and the Simple Attendance Report when the time format was set to HH:MM:SS rather than decimal hours. The second fix was to overtime calculations where the "pay day as overtime" setting was set for a weekday AND the daily overtime limit was exceeded. The final fix was to the simple time report that could display an incorrect normal hour total when the daily overtime limit was exceeded and the times for the day were classified as OTHER.

Or $199 (US) for 20 computers

Posted by mnemtsas at January 22, 2011 8:04 PM