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June 9, 2009

How to Log in as the Time Clock MTS Administrator

By Mark Nemtsas at 12:09 PM

To access payroll reports and to be able to configure Time Clock MTS you must be using the software in Administrator mode. This Time Clock MTS How To Article covers how to log into Time Clock MTS as the administrator and thus access the Administrator mode.

Logging in as Administrator

When Time Clock MTS is operating in Normal mode and you want to log in as the administrator you must use the File->Log in as Administrator menu as shown in the image above. Once you've selected this menu item you'll be shown the Enter Administrator Password screen as shown below.

Administrator Login Screen

Your administrator password was set by you when you first installed Time Clock MTS. Remember that is is cASe SenSITive and that you (or someone else with administrator access to Time Clock MTS) may have changed it. Once you've entered the password correctly and clicked the Login button you'll be logged in correctly and Time Clock MTS will be operating in Administrator mode. If you've forgotten your password then you'll need to reset your administrator password.

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Posted by mnemtsas at June 9, 2009 12:09 PM