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As well as doctors and medical clinics a quick browse through our Time Clock MTS customer database shows a surprising number of dental service practitioners using our software to manage their dental practice or surgery. It’s actually surprising how many health care professionals use our Time Clock not just in dental services. Whether it be a general dentist, cosmetic dentist, orthodontist, endodontist or pediatric dental service you can count on automated time recording software for keeping track of dentists, dental hygienists, therapists and assistants, receptionists and office staff.

All of these businesses both large and small, more than 200 of them are all making use of Time Clock MTS. Time tracking software has allowed these highly specialized dental businesses speed up their time tracking, book keeping and payroll processes saving the company time in paid wages and lost hours to tiresome manual calculations. Taking these processes and moving to electronic timekeeping allows you to do things that would be very difficult with paper and a calculator. Not only can you track your employees time, you can track time spent on specific tasks (jobs), request time off, accrue vacation and sick time -this list is seemingly endless!

Throw away those paper timesheets and timecards, take the easy way forward with your business and have Time Clock MTS do it all for you. If you’re looking for time clock software for your dental surgery or your specialized dentistry practice then Time Clock MTS could be just what you are looking for!

I have used TimeClock MTS in my dental practice since 2009. I found the software easy to install and manage. Its simple function and interface make it easy for our staff to use. Password security ensure accurate data entry. Obtaining reports is simple and the software streamlines our payroll process. I have found support and updates easy to access direct from the software or via the web.

Tom PetnuchOwnerWillowbrook Dental AssociatesPennsylvania, USA

Our company switched from manual time clock calculation to Time Clock MTS a few years ago. We are pleased with the simplicity and flexibility Time Clock offers us. We utilize the program to track employee hours worked and calculate accrued vacation time. Also, the reporting feature allows us to quickly and easily analyze information pertaining to our staff. Time Clock MTS is a good solution to transition to electronic timekeeping for your company.

Mallorie ChapmanOperations ManagerEvery Tooth CountsIllinois, USA

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