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The amount of companies using Time Clock MTS is growing significantly, and a huge variety of businesses are making use of the advantages that the time clock system has to offer. Among these are schools, universities and other places of education. At the moment, over 200 schools, colleges and universities are using the staff and student tracking software. The time and attendance tool is perfect for places with a lot of employees or just a few members of staff. For example, large schools with many teachers, admin staff and other employees now have the luxury of using software that will calculate payroll, overtime and various other things accurately. You can even use Time Clock MTS to track students and their attendance at school or at lessons or lectures. This is seen in the image below, and here is how to customize Time Clock MTS for schools.

Time Clock MTS configured as school attendance software

Time Clock MTS configured as school attendance software

A good time clock tool is essential to help keep any business running smoothly. The more employees a company has, the more complicated things can become. Schools and colleges are purchasing quality time and attendance software in order to maintain organization and order. With so many different people and levels of staff within a place of education, it’s important to keep everything running properly. The different levels within a school means that different employees will receive different pay, which is something that a good time clock tool can work out accurately. If you’ve been searching for time clock software for schools, universities or colleges, you might have found the perfect thing when you stumbled across Time Clock MTS!

It has been a very valuable tool for our supervisors and students to keep track of their time.

Angie Andrade-MoriokaAssistant Director Facilities and StaffingUniversity of Hawaii at HiloHawaii, USA

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