A Time Clock MTS User Review

Donald Hill, a business consultant from Heartland Information Research in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was kind enough to write some great comments about Time Clock MTS. He was also kind enough to allow me to reproduce those comments here. You can see them below.

After comparing your Timeclockmts employee time keeping solution with many other options, it was a no-brainer to go with your solution for my food service business client with 30 to 35 employees.


No server or XP professional required, free unlimited 30 day trial, secure full-featured administrator area, simple clock in and out window, easy to add and delete employees, and a leading biometric device vendor already pre-selected to work with the software.


After installing, the experience only got better. Discovered it can automatically record a webcam photo of the person clocking in and out for verification, easily allows the data file to be shared from either a desktop PC or a Network Attached Storage (NAS), and has all the reports needed to run payroll.


Install was fast and employees really did not need any training because of the simple user interface. Point, click, done. The ability to have multiple administrator licenses is a plus to allow more than one manager to access and update employee wage rates, departments, and hours.


As a ‘recovering’ electrical engineer and former software programmer, appreciate seeing good code. Now that I am in the (non-tech) business development consulting field, I also appreciate being able to find a solid and simple to use program for the small-business multi-user environment. Your online ordering calculator also takes the guesswork out of pricing which helped a lot.


Great job – I suspect this software will only get better in the future

Donald HillHeartland Information ResearchWisconsin, USA

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