Time Clock MTS in an Upholstery Company

United Commercial Upholstery of New Ulm, Minnesota are, as their name suggests, a commercial upholstery firm who specialize in seating for golf carts and cushions/stools for locker rooms. They also offer high volume upholstery services, design and color consultations, and CNC fabric and wood cutting. They have been using Time Clock MTS since 2009 and their President, Phil Vorwerk, took some time out of his week to send through an account of how they’ve used the software and the benefits they’ve seen from doing so.

We started using Time Clock MTS in our business in 2009. I wanted a time clock system that would give me a summary of each employee’s hours per pay period rather than the manual time clock we had been using, which required me to enter each punch in and punch for each employee to get a total when doing payroll. Time Clock MTS has filled this need for us exactly as I had hoped, and it has scaled well as our business has grown. We have over 3 times the payroll now as compared to when we first started using the software in 2009, and we are still only using a fraction of the features that are built into the program.

The reason that the software has so many extra features is that the support staff at Time Clock MTS invites and follows up on feedback from its users. They have listened to my suggestions in the past, and if they thought it would be feature that may be of use to other users they have been great about incorporating what they’ve learned into the next update – and the updates are frequent as they constantly tweek the software. I have also realized many benefits that I had not anticipated when I first purchased the software, such as:

1.) We no longer have “accidental” overtime, because it is very simple for employees to check on their total hours for the pay period, and know if they are short hours or approaching overtime hours.
2.) We have a complete, easy to access history of the hours and the punch in times for each employee. This has made it very simple when I need to document the grounds for termination for a few employees, based on frequent absenteeism or tardiness.
3.) Multiple client stations create a network of time clocks all in sync, so employees are able to punch in at one station and punch out at another if it is more convenient.
4.) At any given moment it is simple for me to pull up the software on my own computer and see who is all “on the clock” and what time they punched in.
5.) There are many features built in to ensure the security of the system, such as protection from someone manipulating the system clock, and an option to use a fingerprint reader or camera at the punch in station to prevent “buddy punch ins”.

Phil M VorwerkPresidentUnited Commercial Upholstery IncMinnesota, USA

It’s always great to receive these sorts of customer testimonials, and it’s especially great to receive one that has clearly had time an effort put into it. Thanks Phil and thanks to United Commercial Upholstery.

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