Time Clock MTS Testimonials - Government

Kay Winford – Lyons Housing Authority

Kay Winford – Lyons Housing Authority

Executive Director
Lyons Housing Authority , Lyons, Kansas USA

We are Lyons Housing Authority, an agent of the State of Kansas. We are subsidized housing regulated through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). We are non-profit, tax exempt organization since we house low-income families.

We are a very small public housing entity of 89 units with only four (4) full-time and one (1) part-time employees. Due to government regulations and to follow the Fair Labor Standards Act changes, we need to utilize a time clock system for all employees to start using to clock in and out for their required time of work. We would like to use TimeClock MTS at this time to documents our employees work time through the week.

Thank you and look forward to using the TimeClock MTS system.