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A key requirement for any restaurant or business in the hospitality industry is to provide a means for their employees to easily track tips or gratuities and then report on these to their employers. The IRS lays out strict reporting guidelines and explicitly specifically mentions the requirements for electronic Tip Tracking systems. Time Clock MTS meets with all these requirements as well as ensuring that your employees can record and report on their tips efficiently and quickly, saving you in overhead costs.

Time Clock MTS provides a simple interface for employees to add, edit, and delete their tips. They can view an electronic tip diary across any time range via several very easy to use screens that are designed to work with touchscreens or a mouse and keyboard. Each employee tip diary can optionally be protected with either a PIN or via an electronic fingerprint scanner.

Editing an Employee Tip

Editing an Employee Tip

Managing Employee Tips

Managing Employee Tips

The Tip Diary Report

The Tip Diary Report,

As you’d expect Time Clock provides comprehensive employee tip tracking reports. These include reports to suit requirements explicitly laid out by the IRS in their forms for an employee tip diary and the form for employees reporting their tip takings to their employers.

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