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Time Clock MTS makes it easy for you to use any computer on your network as a time clock station. This is useful if:

  • You want your employees to clock in and out from their own computers.
  • You have a large workplace and need a time clock station in each department.
  • Your accounting and payroll department is located away from your actual operations area. The network version of Time Clock MTS allows them to run reports on the data collected from each of your Time Clock MTS stations quickly and easily.

For smaller networks with just a few time clock stations Time Clock MTS can make use of it’s internal SQL database to collect information using the lightweight Client version of Time Clock MTS. This is an extremely cost effective method setting up network time clock software. For larger installations Time Clock MTS can make use of large scale database systems like MS SQL Server and mySQL. This provides a fast and extremely large scale network time clock system.

The Time Clock MTS Client Software

The Time Clock MTS Client Software

The System Options Screen

The System Options Screen

Managing Time Clock MTS Connections

Managing Time Clock MTS Connections

The Time Clock MTS administrator is provided with a range of network management tools to allow administration of the network version of Time Clock MTS. Time Clock MTS also records the network location along with employee’s recorded times. This provides an additional level of security if you suspect that fraudulent punches or buddy punching is occurring.

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Time Clock MTS

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