Time Clock MTS provides a large number of configuration options to setup the software to suit your business and payroll rules. You can access the Options screen in Time Clock MTS using the Tools->Options menu item. The Options screen has several different sub screens, you can use the list of items on the left of the options screen to select the Options sub screen you are interested in. The table below describes each option sub screen briefly and links to the relevant help topic.

Options Screen
Camera Settings Setup an attached camera to take images on employee clock in or out.
Departments Add/edit/delete your departments here.
Display Settings Enter your company information here. Choose time display and screen labels here.
Emails Add/edit/delete Time Clock MTS emails here.
Employment Types Add/edit/delete your employment types here.
Holidays Add/edit/delete your holidays here.
Interface Settings Define how employees will use Time Clock MTS here.
Job Tracking Setup Job Tracking and Manage Jobs here.
Overtime Settings Set your global overtime settings here.
Payroll Settings Set your global payroll settings here.
Report Settings Setup various reporting options here.
Security Setup software security settings here.
Shifts Add/edit/delete your shifts here.
Sick Time Accrual Set up sick time accruals for employment types here.
System Options Set various system options such as password, security questions and database settings here.
Vacation Accrual Set up vacation time accruals for employment types here.