The Emails screen (see above) in Time Clock MTS allows you to manage a list of email addresses and names that can be used elsewhere within the software. This may include sending email alerts or emailing payroll reports. The Emails screen can be found in the Time Clock MTS Administrator program on the Tools->Options menu.

Emails Help Topics

Adding an Email

A new email can be created by clicking the button. The Add Email screen (see below) will then be shown. Each email record requires a name and a valid email address. If required notes can also be included with each email record. Changes should be saved by clicking the Save button.

Editing an Email

An existing email can be edited by selecting the email in the list that needs to be edited and then clicking the button. Alternatively the email can be double clicked. The Edit Email form (see below) will then be displayed. Changes can be made as required and then saved by clicking the Save button. A name for the email and a valid email address must be supplied for the email to save successfully.

Deleting an Email

An email can be deleted by selecting it from the email list and then clicking the button.

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