General Questions

What is Time Clock MTS?
Time Clock MTS is a MS Windows based time clock program for companies that want to get rid of their manual time and attendance sheets or a mechanical punch clock system.

How Can I Try Time Clock MTS?
You can just download the free trial. The free demo is fully functional for 30 days with the only difference being that a watermark is printed on all reports. You can even keep using the free demo after your 30 day trial period but you will only be able to have 3 employees in the software and be able to use it on a single computer.

Why should I Use Time Clock MTS?
To save your company time and money and enable you, the manager, to get a better idea of your real time and attendance information. If you use a manual time card system or a mechanical punch clock then your accountant or book-keeper will be spending 2-5 minutes per employee per week tallying these records into an Excel spreadsheet or something similar. Even if you only have 3 employees this can still be 15 wasted minutes per week and Time Clock MTS will pay for itself in just 7 or 8 weeks in improved efficiency. If you have 50 employees Time Clock MTS can pay for itself in just the first week.

Are the reports in Time Clock MTS up-to-date?
Yes. All Time Clock MTS data is stored in an MS Access database (you do not need MS Access to run Time Clock MTS). All reports pull their information from this database ensuring that you are seeing the most up to date information you have.

Can I use Time Clock MTS on a Network?
Yes. If you're using the MS Access backend database you can store the Time Clock MTS database anywhere on your network. If you're using SQL Server or MySQL then your database server needs to be visible to the PC's that are running Time Clock MTS.

Can the same Time Clock MTS Database be Accessed From Multiple Computers?
Yes it can. You can install the Network Administrator Time Clock MTS program on one computer and then install the Network Client program on other computers. They can all connect to the same database and thus you can collect all your time and attendance data in one location. Note that you will need to purchase the Network Edition of Time Clock MTS (and not the Stand Alone Edition).

What platforms does Time Clock MTS run on?
Time Clock MTS runs on Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP.

How much does Time Clock MTS Cost?
Depending on how many computers you want to use Time Clock MTS on we have three options to suit your companies needs. For the latest price information please look at our online shop.

Do I have to pay for every Computer I Install it On?
Yes. We have three convenient options to choose from that have a number of allowable computers and number of employees you can track.

How do I buy Time Clock MTS?
You can purchase Time Clock MTS using our online shop. You can pay online via credit card or paypal, via phone, purchase order, or wire transfer.


How do I install Time Clock MTS?
Just download the trial version of Time Clock MTS from the Time Clock MTS website. All you need to do is run this file once downloaded and the software will take you through the installation process.

How do I get started once it is installed?
Time Clock MTS adds an entry you your Program Files list under the Time Clock MTS folder. Run it as normal for your operating system. The first time you run the software it will give you the chance to sit through a brief tutorial and create some sample data. We strongly recommend that you do this. Additionally try taking a look in the help file at the Getting Started section for more information.

Where is my Time Clock MTS data stored?
By default Time Clock MTS stores all of its' data in a Microsoft Access database. By default this file is called "timeclock.mdb". By default it is stored in the Program Data directory (which will most likely be c:\ProgramData\Time Clock MTS\). The file is not password protected and can be opened with MS Access. You DO NOT need MS Accesss to be able to run Time Clock MTS.

Time Clock MTS can also use a SQL Server, SQL Expres or MySQL database to store your data. Each of these provides a much better level of reliability and speed, as well as being able to support many more client connections to the database. If your company has any of these more advanced database systems available then it is strongly recommended that you purchase them.

If I'm using the MS Access Backend Database where should I put it?
In a directory on your computer or on your LAN that is backed up. To change the location of your Time Clock MTS database log into the software as the administrator and select the Tools->Options menu. Then on the options page select the System Option page and click the Move button to change the location of your database.

How do I uninstall Time Clock MTS?
A short cut will be created in the Time Clock MTS program group called "Uninstall Time Clock MTS". Just click this to uninstall the software. Alternatively, Time Clock MTS adds an entry to the "Add/Remove Programs" applet under MS Windows (which can be found under the control panel on many Windows versions). Just remove it from there.

Using the Software

Administrative Mode/Normal Mode.
There are two modes of operation in Time Clock MTS. The software starts in normal mode and allows employees to clock in and out. Using the File->Log In As Administrator menu you can login as the administrator. When logged in as the administrator you may configure the software to suit your company and payroll rules, add/edit/delete employees, produce payroll reports and much more. The Time Clock MTS Client program only offers users the normal mode of operation and has no administrative function -it is used only for clock in and out.

What are Employees?
Employees in Time Clock MTS are entities that represent your company employees. You may configure employees to be paid at certain rates, to accrue overtime by the day or week and so on.

Can I generate reports for payroll?
Yes. Time Clock MTS can generate many reports suitable for supply to your payroll department. Setup a reports user to do this from any computer.

How Flexible are Overtime Calculations?
Time Clock MTS currently allows definition of a normal rate (per hour or salaried) and two overtime rates (hourly or salaried). Calculations can be by day, by week, or both (compliant with California overtime regulations).

Can Time Clock MTS Round Report Data?
Yes. Time Clock MTS can report to the nearest second or round to the nearest minute, nearest 1/10th of an hour, nearest 15 minutes, or nearest 30 minutes.

Can I See Who is In and Who is Not?
Yes. When using the employee list screen you can see at a glance who is in and out. Alternatively you can run the Current Status report to print a list of all employees.

I Want to Stop Employees Clocking In and Out for Each Other
Simple, just define each employee with a pin and on the Options->Interface Settings click the 'Require Employee PIN' checkbox or use Time Clock MTS with a fingerprint scanner.

Can I Use Time Clock MTS with a Touchscreen?
Yes. The keypad data entry mode has been designed to be used with a touch screen. You will still need a mouse and keyboard for administrative functions.

Can I Use Time Clock MTS with a Barcode Scanner or Magnetic Card Reader?
Yes. The keypad data entry mode has been designed to be used with any external device that outputs simple ASCII data. If you have cards/codes encoded with Time Clock MTS employee badge numbers you can use these with an appropriate scanner to input data directly to the keypad screen of Time Clock MTS. You will still need a mouse and keyboard for administrative functions.

Can I Use Time Clock MTS with a Fingerprint Scanner?
Yes. Take a look at our biometric punch card software help page for more information.

There's something I'd like to see added to Time Clock MTS.
Then email Timesheets MTS Software. Much of the ongoing development of Time Clock is based on feedback from our users. If you'd like a custom version of Time Clock MTS for your company we can also provide customization on a fee for service basis.

Support and Troubleshooting

I'm getting an Error When Running Time Clock MTS
No software is perfect and bugs will happen. If they do then please email Timesheets MTS Software. We don't let bugs last long, and nearly all of our errors have been fixed in the next release. When an error does happen within the software you should be given an opportunity to email us the details, please do so and check the 'Attach Log Files' check box.