Installing the Software

You can simply download Time Clock MTS from our website. Just download and save this file to your computer then run the file (using the Start->Run command or by double clicking on the file in Windows Explorer). The installation program is largely automatic so just follow the prompts and install the software. When the installation is finished you have the option to run the software for the first time, please do so!

Running the Software for the First Time

Time Clock MTS will add an entry to your Start->All Programs menu under the folder Time Clock MTS. Run the program from this as you would run any other program.

Setting the Administrator Password

The first time you run Time Clock MTS on a computer you must set the administrator password for Time Clock MTS. Time Clock MTS will prompt you to enter a password twice. The password is case sensitive so please choose something you can remember. It will also ask you for the answers for two password reminder questions. You can use these to reset your administrator password later. Once you are into the main part of the Time Clock MTS program you can log in as the administrator using the File->Log in as Administrator menu. If you ever forget your password then you can either reset it from within the software or you can email your Time Clock MTS database to us so we can reset it for you.

Doing the Tutorial

The first time you run Time Clock MTS you will be given the chance to do a short tutorial. We highly recommend you do this as the tutorial will give you a brief run down of the menus in Time Clock MTS and how to use the software. If you ever want to see the tutorial again you can get it from the Help->Show Tutorial menu in Time Clock MTS.

View the Video Demonstration

We've got a 6 minute demonstration video of Time Clock MTS on our website. It's a great way for the new user to understand how the basics of Time Clock MTS work and we strongly recommend that all new users watch some or all of it. View the Video.

Create Sample Data

The first time you run Time Clock MTS you will be given the chance to create some sample employees. This is worth doing so you can see the sorts of options that employees in Time Clock MTS can have.

Log in as the Administrator

All the Time Clock MTS administrative functions require you to be logged in as the administrator. To do this use the File->Log In As Adminstrator menu in Time Clock MTS and enter the administrator password.

Setup Company Details

The next step is to setup Time Clock MTS to suit your company, for more information take a look at the Setting Up Time Clock MTS topic.

Decide How Employees Will Use Time Clock MTS

The next step is to decide how your employees will use Time Clock MTS. This includes how they will clock in and out, whether they need to use a PIN, or whether they need to enter comments. For more information take a look at the Display Settings topic.

Setup Payroll Settings

Setup your global payroll settings using the Payroll Settings screen. Here you can configure pay rates, overtime rules, shift allowances, and much more.

Setup Other Company Settings

There are many other options you can setup to suit your company or to provide you with additional flexibility. Try looking at the Departments Screen, Employment Types Screen, Holidays Screen, Shifts Screen, and the System Options Screen.

Create Employees

You can create employees while logged in as the administrator. Use the Employee Maintenance->Add An Employee. For more information see the Employees Help Topic.

Have Employees Use Time Clock MTS

When you have setup Time Clock MTS you are ready for employees to start using it. To learn about the two Time Clock MTS interface options read the Keypad Interface or the Employee List interface help topics.

Setup for Network Use

You might want to have your employees be able to clock in and out from multiple computers. Time Clock MTS can handle this sort of approach and provides a cut down Client version of the software for exactly this purpose. For more information see the Network Setup Help Topic.

Generate Reports

As a manager the primary benefit of Time Clock MTS is the live reports it can produce for you. It is also capable of exporting information in a variety of formats for easy integration with other systems. To learn more about reporting in Time Clock MTS read the Reporting Help Topic.