To use the keypad interface of Time Clock MTS switch it on using the Interface Settings page of the Tools->Options Menu. The keypad mode of Time Clock MTS requires your employees to punch in and out using their employee id / badge number. Put simply they enter their badge number either using a keyboard or the numeric keypad provided and then press enter or click the Enter button. A successful time punch (either in or out) will be indicated by the badge number field being highlighted green. A failed time punch will be indicated by the badge number field being highlighted red.

Viewing the Employee Timecard

Employees can view their timecard on the Time Clock MTS Keypad screen by entering their badge number and clicking the View My Information button below left of the date.

Use with Card Readers/Barcode Scanners

The huge advantage of this screen is that it can be used readily with a magnetic card reader or barcode scanner (or any other input device that outputs keyboard data). To use Time Clock MTS with a scanner, encode your barcodes or magnetic cards with your employee id / badge numbers as listed in Time Clock MTS. Then connect your scanning device in line with the keyboard of the Time Clock MTS computer. When swiping your cards or scanning your codes the data will be output into the text field on the keypad interface and the end of code signal from the scanner will press the Enter button automatically.

Use with Touchscreens

The keypad interface screen is designed to be able to be used with touch screens as small as 10". The buttons on the screen are of an appropriate size as to be useable on a small touch screen. The keypad itself contains useful functions such as delete and clear so that data can be edited properly using a touch screen.

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