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Time Clock MTS

The easy time clock software that will save you time

And eliminate payroll and overtime errors.

Do you keep a manual record of employee attendance information? Are you stuck tallying up hours each month from an old paper punch card system? Do you want payroll records that are accurate to the second and that use your complex payroll rules? Do you want this in an easy to use system that doesn't cost the earth?

Do you want just one software system on which all your employees can clock in or out? Do you want this same system to provide you with real time, accurate reporting that uses YOUR payroll rules? If you say yes then our low cost time clock software package, Time Clock MTS is for you.

"....we've been using Time Clock MTS for a few months here at our hotel. It replaced our old punchcard system, and we find that it is a great replacement. Even our handyman, who we had to teach how to click a mouse, has no problem using this simple tool."

Vince Vanorman, Best Western Ocean Villa

Time Clock MTS is used by thousands of companies every day to collect and track their employee attendance and save real time and payroll costs by improving their efficiency.

Time Clock MTS - Employee List Interface
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Save Real Money

100% accurate time clock data, compliance with local overtime regulations, and elimination of buddy punching will result in a more accurate payroll. You'll save money by eradicating over-payments, fraudulent employee clocks, and stopping overtime calculation errors.

Save Real Time

Your payroll staff will save between 2-5 minutes of time per employee each week. They'll do away with manual tallying of time records or timecards. Complex overtime and payroll calculations are performed instantly removing the potential for costly errors.

A Time Clock Anywhere

Save your employee's time and get them more productive by turning any Windows computer into an employee time clock station. Your payroll staff can then process the time clock data centrally producing reports in minutes rather than hours.

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Take the Quick Tour»

Take the Quick Tour»


Time clock software to help eliminate employee payroll fraud

Time Clock MTS enrolling a fingerprint screenshot

Time Clock MTS will help you to reduce or eliminate employee time clock fraud almost overnight. You can start reducing the problem immediately by using Time Clock MTS with a secure internet time server, or integrate it with your magnetic card system or your RFID system. Turn on the employee PIN system or use a web camera to take an image of employees as they clock in or out. Or get the ultimate protection by using Time Clock MTS with a biometric fingerprint scanner.

Read More About the Biometric Time Clock»

"Your application has been a lifesaver for our small company. We have seen a reduction in weekly hours since we started using the fingerprint scanner."

Donald Nance, Mr. D's BBQ, Georgia USA


Track Job Costs

You can save your company real time and overheads by using Time Clock MTS to track the time your employees spend working on jobs. Employees can clock in and out from jobs during the day and you will know your real job labor costs in seconds by running a simple report!

Track Employee Tips

If you need to track your employee tips and gratuities then we provide a tip tracking system. You will eliminate manual tip tracking systems and have your employees record their tips electronically. The built in tip tracking reports allow for easy employee and employer reporting to the IRS.

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Read About Tip Tracking»


Get the Free Trial

You can evaluate Time Clock MTS free of charge for 30 days. There's no restrictions in the trial version so you're free to install it on whatever computers you like, track as much time as you like, and run as many reports as you like during the 30 day trial period.

Free Employee Timeclock

If you've got 3 or fewer employees and want to use one computer to track your employee time clock information then you can use our software for free. Forever. Just download and install the trial and it will revert to free mode when the trial expires.

What Does it Cost?

Time Clock MTS is just $79 (US) to track up to 500 employees on one computer. If you want to use more than one computer then it's only $199 (US) for one administrator computer and twenty time clock client computers.

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We provide email support and free software updates for a period of one year with your purchase. You'll also get access to hundreds of blog entries and How-To-Guides explaining how to use Time Clock MTS. If you've got a question now then please do Contact Us

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