AdministratorThe administrator is the person who knows/sets the Time Clock MTS administrator password and is responsible for setting up and controlling Time Clock MTS. This person may also be responsible for all reporting.
Administrator AccountThe administrator account defines Time Clock MTS when the administrator password has been entered and administrative functions are being used
Administrator PasswordThis is a 6-12 character password used to log into the Time Clock MTS Administrator Account.
Allowable ConnectionsThe allowable connections are how many database connections you are allowed according to how many licenses you have purchased. By default this is zero for the stand alone edition or free edition of the software.
Backend DatabaseSee Database.
Badge NumberThis is a number up to 12 digits that uniquely identifies each employee in your Time Clock MTS database.
BulletinsBulletins are messages setup by the administrator that are broadcast to employees when they clock in to Time Clock MTS.
ClientSee The Time Clock MTS Client.
Clock EventA Clock In or Clock Out event.
Clock InA employee 'clocking in' or 'punching in' to the Time Clock MTS system.
Clock In / Out StationA computer with the Time Clock MTS Client installed on it and setup to allow employees to use it to Clock In or Out.
Clock OutAn employee 'clocking out' or 'punching out' of the Time Clock MTS system.
ConnectionA connection is created whenever the Time Clock MTS program or the Time Clock MTS Client is started up and connects to a Time Clock MTS database.
DatabaseThis is the database in which Time Clock MTS stores all its' information. It can be a Microsoft Access database or optionally an SQL Server / MSDE database.
Database ConnectionSee Connection.
EmployeeAn Employee in Time Clock MTS is a record representing an employee in your company.
Employee NumberSee Badge Number.
Hourly RateA rate per hour an Employee gets paid, may be for normal time or over time.
LicenseA license is the commercial arrangement you have with Timesheets MTS Software. When you purchase Time Clock MTS you are purchasing a 'license' for the software. The license determines how many computers you may install the software on and how big your employee database is allowed to be.
Administrator Time Clock MTS ProgramThis is the normal Time Clock MTS program used in single computer installations or used as the 'administration' program in multi computer installations.
Client Time Clock MTS ProgramThe Time Clock MTS Program used for employee clock events.
OvertimeWorking time in which an employee is usually paid a penalty rate which is higher than their normal rate of pay.
PINThe Time Clock MTS PIN (personal identification number) is a code you can require employees to enter as an added level of security to prevent fraudulent Clock Events.
Punch EventSee Clock Event.
Punch InSee Clock In.
Punch OutSee Clock Out.
RegisterWhen you 'register' Time Clock MTS you will enter a 'registration key' supplied to you by Timesheets MTS Software. This will remove the trial period from the software.
RegistrationSee Register.
SalaryA Salary is what an employee gets paid per time period (week, month, year etc) regardless of hours worked. Typically salaried employees do not get paid overtime.
Stand AloneThe Stand Alone or Single User Version of Time Clock MTS allows you to install the main Time Clock MTS program on one computer only.
Time Clock MTSSee Main Time Clock MTS Program.
Time Clock MTS ClientThe Time Clock MTS Client is a cut down version of the Main Time Clock MTS program that can connect to a Time Clock MTS database and allow the computer to act as a Clock In / Out Station.
Time Clock MTS DatabaseSee Database.