Time Clock User Review – First Church in Cambridge

The First Church in Cambridge has been using Time Clock MTS since 2010. Karen McArthur, a minister at the Church was kind enough to do a user time clock review of Time Clock MTS and let me know what sort of benefits they’ve seen from using it.

Our church employs about 30 people — 6 full-time and the remainder part-time ministers, administrators, musicians, sextons, and child-care providers. While some are here 3-4 days per week, others are here for a few hours a couple of times each month.


The time clock software works very well for us because it’s so easy to explain to new employees, and very easy for an employee to clock in and out, even if they’re not particularly computer literate.


For the administrator, the reports work very well for generating payroll and overtime, as well as tracking vacation and sick time. It’s easy to make a correction if an employee forgets to clock in or out.


It’s also an easy way to see who is in the building — even from off site.

Rev. Karen McArthurFirst Church in CambridgeMassachusetts, USA

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