Time Clock MTS Customer Testimonial

We’ve just got a great testimonial email from a user of our employee in/out software. Some of it has been edited by use for obvious reasons.

I just wanted to drop a quick “thank you note” to tell you how extremely pleased I am with both your customer service & your software. Both are fabulous!

Having come from “**********” (which apparently stole code & had a cease & desist lawsuit against them), I almost elected to go with a different tool. But in the end, your “employee notes” feature(s) stuck out and literally “closed the deal.”

FYI: It’s not that we even needed most of the features, it’s a case where the features we needed were available and part of the tool! Your software covers a broad spectrum of capabilities, it’s 100% reliable, and is well suited to most any business “savvy enough” to not go with a “dinosauric” mechanical clock! ~ Kudos!

PS: The only negative thing I can find with this software is the initial load time when using the MS-Access back-end. (And even that seems to have improved, unless I’m imagining things!)

Bob TupperManagerWhite Lake SpeedwayNew Hampshire, USA

Thanks to Bob Tupper for these kind words!

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