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You may or may not know that we’ve got a time clock user reviews page that we use to put up nice emails or comments about the software we get from happy Time Clock MTS users. We put these emails up exactly as we receive them. We got a couple of good ones this week including one (completely spontaneous) email from the operations supervisor of a very large agricultural resources company. We’ve been working with this gentleman quite closely for several months ironing out usage problems he had with the software as well as adding some reports that he wanted to see. Clearly he’s happy with the result.

You have been really great to work with.

We are spread out over a 25 mile radius and we don’t always start and end work at the same location. We have a wireless network set up, and are running Timeclock MTS. It has saved many hours of time and miles on company vehicles for employees to clock in and out near the location they start or end work.

The support for this product has been stellar. We needed some help for the first few weeks (most problems were our own), but after that this product has been running rock-solid for three years.

Randall HoltRobert Holt FarmsUtah, USA

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