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Athens Kids Specialists are pediatric specialists of Athens, Georgia, have been using Time Clock MTS since 2010. Recently they upgraded to the latest version of the software and they were kind enough to send through a review of their experiences with our software. Thanks to Joseph Lopez of Athens Kids Specialists for taking time out of his day to do this.

We started our clinic in 2006 with a nurse, a doctor, and a receptionist in a small, 5 exam room office. Payroll was easy back then — 1 hourly employee. Within the year, we had a doubling of business and expanded to a total of 10 employees in a new office. We had to keep up with overtime, different pay rates, vacation accrual, etc. The hardest part was keeping up with the huge stack of paper punch cards every 2 weeks. Tabulating them in time to authorize a direct deposit cost me my lunch break every other Wednesday.

We have LOVED the Timeclock MTS platform. Its network database means that we never need to have 1 dedicated machine running just the timeclock. We had 5 machines with Timeclock MTS client so there is always a terminal available. The ability to print a punchcard report allows our employees to check for errors themselves. We also have student who report in for University credits. Adding and Removing employees is so quick and easy. Having the ability to set them into a different “Department” makes bookkeeping a breeze since they don’t show up in our actual employee punchcard sheets.

Time Clock MTS has been a great value and more than paid for itself with the time and money it has saved us.

Joseph LopezAthens Kids SpecialistsGeorgia, USA

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