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Brenda Breezeel – Harding University

Brenda Breezeel – Harding University

Library Systems Administrator
Harding University , Arkansas, USA

Terrific, easy to use software solution.

Pros: The software is very simple to implement and maintain and it’s very user friendly for our employees and supervisors.
Cons :
It’s a real time saver in tabulating weekly timesheets. The report functionality is really good as well.

Beau Richter

Beau Richter

Head Trainer, Marine Mammal Physiology Project
Long Marine Laboratory, University of California , California, USA

Thanks again so much for this … we really, really appreciate it. I did receive the license key. I have loaded the program onto our main computer and it worked great.

Kelty Lanham

University of San Diego , California, USA

I am currently using the single user version of your software and I am loving it. It increases productivity and decreases all the headaches. As my department grows however, we have become limited with only having the software on one computer. I was wondering if it were possible to upgrade to the multi-user software.

Nikole L. Dominique

Research Assistant
University of New Orleans , New Orleans, USA

The product is exactly what we needed and works great for our lab. Thanks again!

Brenda Breezeel

Harding University , Arizona, USA

We just recently purchased a copy of the TimeClockMTS software and have been impressed by it’s ease of use and many reporting options available.

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