Time Clock MTS Testimonials - Universities

Beau Richter

Beau Richter

Head Trainer, Marine Mammal Physiology Project
Long Marine Laboratory, University of California , California, USA

Thanks again so much for this … we really, really appreciate it. I did receive the license key. I have loaded the program onto our main computer and it worked great.

Kelty Lanham

University of San Diego , California, USA

I am currently using the single user version of your software and I am loving it. It increases productivity and decreases all the headaches. As my department grows however, we have become limited with only having the software on one computer. I was wondering if it were possible to upgrade to the multi-user software.

Nikole L. Dominique

Research Assistant
University of New Orleans , New Orleans, USA

The product is exactly what we needed and works great for our lab. Thanks again!

Brenda Breezeel

Harding University , Arizona, USA

We just recently purchased a copy of the TimeClockMTS software and have been impressed by it’s ease of use and many reporting options available.

Heath Cummings

Heath Cummings

Security Director
Mead Art Museum, Amherst College , Massachusetts, USA

I am the Security Director at the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College. We have been using your Time Clock MTS for about 11 months now and are very satisfied.

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