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Billie Lawless

Massachusetts, USA

Not to burden you but are there any major changes that your wonderful program does not already do? I think I had two minor incidents in the beginning and since then it has run like clockwork (no pun intended). Just gave you a nice referral to my wife’s best friend who has a workers comp law office near here in Cleveland (25 connections! at least what they talked about with me).

Rick Bryda

Rick Bryda

Total Production Services , North Carolina, USA

I have really enjoyed using this program since I purchased it last October and appreciate the changes you made based on my earlier suggestions.

Jules Nugteren

Jules Nugteren

Alberta, CANADA

I’m REALLY super impressed with the product and your service! I know it’s meant for the payrolls down in California, but I’m using it in Alberta, and it’s been just great! Thank you for putting out such a fantastic program. My husband uses the time clock (I just do his payroll), but I am a Web designer, so I like ease of use, and your product is definitely easy to use! I will recommend it to everyone!

Barbara Valdez Levi

Valdez Custom Graphics , Texas, USA

I have been using the MTS Software Timesheet for around 5 years now and I love it. Owning a small business, I wear many hats and this software has replaced countless hours of bookeeping with employees that come and go. The software has evolved and grown thru out the years just as I have grown my business.

Eduardo Nilo

Eduardo Nilo

Indigo Entertainment , Makati City, PHILIPPINES

Time Clock MTS has been a great boon at a great price! We used to spend hours manually calculating everyone’s time logs, based on a manual log book. But Time Clock MTS has done away with the messy and oftentimes illegible log book, and greatly reduced the time required to process our semi-monthly payroll. We wholeheartedly recommend Time Clock MTS!

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