Free Employee Shift Schedule Templates in Excel, Word, PDF, and Google Docs Format

Our free employee shift schedule template is available in a variety of formats, including Excel, Google Docs Spreadsheet, Word, and PDF. The templates allow you to schedule your employee shifts for one week and assign jobs or roles to each employee during each day. The Excel and Google spreadsheet format allows you to change the first day of the week and the hour of your first shift. The Word and PDF templates are great to print out and fill in by hand. The template is ideal of for businesses like restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and bars.

Scheduling your employee shifts is just the first step in monitoring and controlling their attendance. The next step is to actually record when they arrive for work, when they take their breaks, and when they clock off of their shift. The best tool for this is Time Clock MTS, our easy to use employee time clock software. Not only can you use it to track when your employees are at work, you can also use our time tracker to automatically calculate employee overtime, record sick and vacation days, and record when staff switch from one job to another. You can try the software out for free for 30 days, and if you’ve got less than four employees you can use it for free.

Time Clock MTS

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Weekly Excel Timesheet TemplateExcel Employee Shift Template – Excel (xlsx) Format
Download Free PDF Employee Shift Schedule TemplateFree PDF Employee Shift Schedule Template – Adobe Portable Document (pdf) Format


You can use any of our employee shift schedule templates free of charge and redistribute them to anyone who might find them useful. Use whichever format is most useful to you and feel free to modify them as you see fit! If you need to track the time your employees actually spend working their shifts then our time clock software, Time Clock MTS is the best way of doing it, and it gives you much more than simple time tracking. Any Windows computer in your office can be used to track your employee’s time spent working and you’ll be able to run your payroll in seconds. There’ll be no more tedious mucking about double entering data from time books or paper timesheets. Why not give the trial version a go?.

Time Clock MTS

The Easy Time Clock

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Time Clock MTS

The Easy Time Clock System

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