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Replace your Punch Clock Machine with Time Clock MTS

Hundreds of companies across the USA and around world have replaced their manual punch clock and punch card machines with Time Clock MTS. This is freeing up their time to run their business better, saving them money through elimination of payroll errors. and reducing payroll costs by stopping punch clock fraud.

I like the layout. It allows for employees to punch in and out quickly.  I also like the CuteWriter option which allows me to send timesheets via email. The product looks great and easy to use.

Katherine LeeVale Road PharmacyCalifornia, USA

$99 (US) for a single PC Just $199 (US) for up to 20 time clock computers

Time Clock MTS

Time Clock MTS

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Mechanical and manual punch card and punch clock machines are a thing of the past

The Employee Punchcard Report

The Employee Punchcard Report

They must be replaced with a computer punch clock program such as Time Clock MTS. You can completely do away with paper punch cards, the tedious task of collecting them, and the error prone process of manually tallying them up for payroll every week, two weeks, or month. Time Clock MTS will allow you to use any computer in your company for employees to punch in and out quickly, easily, and without error. Our punch clock software will collect your employee time punches into a central database where they can be reported on by your payroll department in just minutes.

Streamline Your Business

A modern employee punch clock program like Time Clock MTS offers much, much more than just a replacement for your punch clock machine. It saves you time, performs calculations automatically for you and can also combine different business systems into one solution streamlining your processes and saving you real money.

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Track more than Time

Track and report on employee leave and accruals as well as allowing employees to request time off directly within the software. It will also enable your employees to record their time punches against jobs as they clock in or clock out giving you real control over where and how your employees are spending their time.

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Your application has been a lifesaver for our small company. We have seen a reduction in weekly hours since we started using the fingerprint scanner.

Donald NanceMr. D's BBQGeorgia, USA

Punch clock fraud is believed to add 5 to 10% to the payroll costs of the average business. Mechanical punch card machines can do little to prevent buddy punching, and while modern electronic time clock machines can include biometric security these cost upwards of $2,000 per unit. Compare this with the cost of Time Clock MTS which can be setup as biometric time punch software for well under $200 on a single computer. You can further enhance the security of Time Clock MTS to prevent time clock fraud through the use of employee PIN security, our secure online time server, or by taking photos of employees as they punch in or punch out.


This screen is used to enrol an employee's fingerprint.

This screen is used to enroll an employee’s fingerprint.


The Free Edition of Time Clock MTS

The Free Edition of Time Clock MTS

One of the most exciting aspects of Time Clock MTS is that it can be completely free for a very small business that needs to track the attendance of 3 or fewer employees. And the best thing is, to get hold of our free employee punch clock software you don’t have to do anything more than download and install the 30 day trial version of Time Clock MTS. When the 30 day trial period is up the software will automatically change to operate in free mode and you’ll be left with free employee punch clock software installed on a single computer that will track up to 3 employees. And it’ll remain free forever.

Time Clock MTS

The Easy Timeclock System

Time Clock MTS

The easy to use fingerprint timeclock software with a fully functional 30 day trial.

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