A User of our Free Timeclock Software Speaks

A user of our free timeclock software sent through a nice email this morning explaining how she is using our software.

Thank you for your response and for allowing us to continue to use your time clock software for our one employee. We have been using the free version of TimeClock MTS for a few years now. Our employee has flexible hours, and your software eliminates the need to keep paper records or rely on memory. It very simple to use and your customer support for the few questions I have had has been great, even with this free arrangement. Thank you Time Clock MTS!

Paula ZuffanteOwnerChildren's Neuropsychological Services, PLLCNew York, USA

The freeware version of Time Clock MTS really is free if you’re using it on one computer and have less than four employees. Unlike many other “free” programs we don’t want to know your email, we don’t need a credit card number, and you don’t even need to tell us you’re using it. Just download it and install it and start tracking your employee timeclock data. Even better we’ll give you technical support just as if you were a paying customer. What’s not to like about that?!

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