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Network Time Clock Software

You could be using any computer on your network as a time clock for your employees

Every day thousands of employees at thousands of companies are clocking in and out using Time Clock MTS. Their employers are saving real time and money using any computer on their network as an employee time clock and generating payroll reports quickly and easily.

"....We have a wireless network set up, and are running Timeclock MTS. It has saved many hours of time and miles on company vehicles"

Robert Holt, Manager Robert Holt Farms

The Employee List in Time Clock MTS
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Fast Payoff

You'll save money through elimination of overpayments, automatic and accurate overtime calculations, simpler compliance with local payroll rules, and no on-going software fees. Time Clock MTS can pay for itself in productivity improvements and real cost savings in just weeks.

Eliminate Manual Systems

Get rid of paper timesheets, employee timecards, cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, and mechanical punch clocks. No more spending money on timecard consumables, no more wasting money double entering attendance data and no more payroll errors.

Simple Payroll Processing

Your payroll will be processed faster, no more complex overtime calculations, no more deciphering bad hand-writing, and no more re-typing information into different systems. You'll have complete access to your employee timesheet data in just seconds. When YOU want it.

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Take the Quick Tour»

Take the Quick Tour»


Collect Your Employee Time Clock Data from ANY Computer

Time Clock MTS Network Setup

To the left you can see a typical Time Clock MTS network setup. The Time Clock MTS Administrator computer is used to configure Time Clock MTS and run employee payroll reports. The three Time Clock MTS Client computers are used by your employees to clock in and out and record their attendance information. Your network server or shared hard drive holds the Time Clock MTS data and all of the time clock computers read and write their information from here. Our network time clock software is easy to setup, streamlines your employee attendance processes, and will save your business money.

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"We are very impressed with it and this is what we've been looking for to track our commissioned technician's time along with our hourly full time employees. Kudos to you guys!"

J.R., Service Manager


Track More Than Just Time

Your network time clock does more than just track your employee attendance information. It can also track and report on the time they spend working on jobs, it can track and report on employee tips and gratuities, and it can track and report on the overtime they are owed.

Track Vacation and Sick Time

Tracking your employee sick and vacation accruals has never been easier. Time Clock MTS allows you to define how employees accrue their sick and vacation time, allows your employees to request and record time off, and then tells you what time they are still owed.

Get the Free Trial»

Get the Free Trial»


Try it Free

Time Clock MTS can be trialed for free for 30 days without restriction. That means you can install it on as many computers as you need and start recording and reporting on your employee time clock information right now.

Free Timeclock Software

If you don't need to use Time Clock MTS on more than one computer and you want to track less than four employees time and attendance information then you can use Time Clock MTS for free. Yes, that's right. Free.

How Much is it?

On one computer Time Clock MTS will cost you just $79 (US) to track up to 75 employees. If you want to track time on more than one computer then it's just $199 (US) for up to 20 time clock computers.

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Free Timeclock Software»

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Only Pay Once

When you buy Time Clock MTS you get a lifetime license to use that major version of Time Clock MTS. You'll also get a year of email support and access to software updates for the same time. Read more about what you get when you purchase Time Clock MTS.

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